Respecting the food choices of families and assisting children’s diets

Today’s families choose varied and different diets for their children. Catering for the different need of families is very difficult and not sustainable, so we have decided to ask families to provide their child with lunch. Nature’s Atelier commit to providing healthy snacks, drinks and from time to time a special lunch event.

Meal Time

Bring your own. We'll do the rest.

The day’s snacks will be displayed at the beginning of the day. Snacks might include vegetable soups, muffins, fruits, cultural recipes, snacks cooked on the camp fire, and other low salt and sugar foods. We would love to include any recipes which you may have in your family.

Nature’s Atelier respects the food choices families make and strive to assist them to continue their child’s diet during the time the children are with us. To support this program, we will have a dedicated fridge for the children’s lunch boxes.

Lunch Boxes

We ask that families provide lunch in non-waste lunch boxes which are no bigger than 220*165*65mm so that they can stack in the fridge. Bento Style lunch boxes support lunches being provided free of packaging. This means we can model waste free living while also allowing children to access their lunch independently without having to ask for help to unwrap or open packets.

Lunch boxes will be returned at the end of the day with any food the children have not eaten in the lunch box so that you can assess what nutrition your child is getting. We will have a compost/animal food container at the gate. Here you and your child can empty their lunch box on the way out after you have assessed what you child has eaten during the day. We will also welcome food scraps from home!

We invite you to share your recipes for snacks and lunch. Send them to and we will place them on our Healthy Eating page.

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