How we play and learn in the animal’s spaces

Nature’s Atelier is home to a diverse group of farm animals including ducks, chickens, sheep, alpacas and goats. The animals teach the children about empathy, impulse control, responsibility and caring for the natural world.

As they feed the animals and clean their water troughs and sleeping spaces they take on the responsibility of caring for another living creature. As they play and learn in the animals spaces they learn empathy and respectful sharing of their environment. As they wash their hands before and after entering the farm they become away of hygiene and looking after their health and the health of the animals.

As they collect the animals droppings for the compost bay they learn about recycling and rejuvenating the soil. As they collect the eggs and felt and weave the wool form the sheep and alpaca they understand that animals will provide for us. As they experience the pregnancy of the animals and the incubation of the eggs they learn about life.

Playing and learning with the animals is a special activity at Nature’s Atelier. If you would like to arrange a visit to our facility to consider your child care, please get in touch

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