Outdoor sleep and relaxtion to promote growth, learning and healthy bodies.

Resting in the fresh air for the benefit of children and their wellbeing

Children’s life rhythm requires that they spend time each day resting or sleeping to promote growth, learning and healthy bodies. At Nature’s Atelier we aim to support each child by providing calm and secure opportunities for the children to rest and sleep. Each day children will be able to sleep and rest outside where they can breathe fresh air, in quiet environments, watching and being calmed by the wind in the trees and the sounds of nature.

Children in vacation or afterschool programs will be able to rest in hammocks or camp beds.

Children will be well supported in sleeping outside with families asked to purchase a ‘swag’ for children 12 months to 5 years and a sleep bag for children under 12 months. This provides each child with their own personal bedding and they can choose to sleep or rest at various ‘sleep spots’ in the environment. They may be in the Bell Tent, under a tree, in a hammock, on the veranda or inside if the weather is too hot. All ‘sleep spots’ will be in full shade and an educator will be close by. Babies will have cots or floor beds depending on the families request but these too will be outside on a veranda.